K2 Twin Tail FAL

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The K2 ™ internal fall arrest lanyards (FALi come with the energy absorption feature incorporated within their core. Because they do not require an extra energy absorption pack they are lighter in weight and ideal for use in conditions where there may be trip hazards. The elastic nature of these lanyards reduce the actual effective length of the lanyard.Complete with a captive pin aluminium screw gate karabiner and 2 aluminium scaffold hooks. l .4m extending to 2m. lanyard conforms to: EN355:2002 Connectors conform to: EN362:2004 Class 8/T

Feature & Benefits

  • Elasticatedtwin lanyard with incorparated shock absorbing webbing
  • 40mm wide tubular polyester webbing with textile loops
  • Relaxed length: 1.4 m to 1.8 m
  • Expanded length: 2.0 m
  • Conforms to EN355:2002

Deliverd with

  • 1 Captive pin quarter turn aluminium karabiner
  • Gate opening: 21mm
  • Conforms to EN362.2004 Class B
  • 2 Aluminium Rebar Hooks
  • Gate opening 60 mm
  • Conforms to EN362.2004 Class T
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