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Fill in the blanks: signage edition

Having signs correctly displayed across your building site is instrumental to keeping your teams safe. They are also mandatory to assure you are complying with UK health and safety regulations. 

To make sure your standards aren’t slipping, we’re putting you to the ultimate test. We’re presenting you with a number of safety signs and asking you to fill in the blanks. Are you feeling up to the challenge? Be sure to test your colleagues and show off your knowledge to your teams.


  1. Fire starting point
  2. Fire assembly point
  3. Fire escape point



  1. Clothing
  2. Crocs
  3. Cape



  1. Bass
  2. Sudden
  3. Pretty big



  1. Front desk
  2. The headteacher
  3. Site office



  1. Work
  2. The pub
  3. The doghouse


So, how well did you do? 

Did this test make you realise your site is missing some signs? Luckily for you, we stock all of the above signs and more, so your workers are safe and your workplaces are compliant. 

Take a look through our brochure for all of your signage needs

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