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Summer essentials for your building site

This week, believe it or not the UK has been hotter than Bermuda - for those working outside, we are sure you can believe it. After a day in the sun, the shade (and potentially the beer gardens) is definitely calling, so it’s vital we make sure our sites are prepared for the weather and the teams working in the heat are looked after.

At Universal Site Supplies, we are stocked up with your summer essentials, making sure that when you are on-site, you will be fully stocked and prepared for the heat. 

So, which items have made it onto our top 3 summer site essentials list?

1.  What letter comes after S?’. ‘What’s that thing you put your golf balls on?’. That’s right, we’re kicking our list off, believe it or not, with a nice hot cup of tea! It might sound strange, but did you know drinking hot drinks on a hot day has the potential to cool you down? They can regulate your bodies’ response to sweating! Now is not the time to reduce your tea intake - science says drink it all! Whether PG or Tetley is your teams’ brand of choice, we’ve got you covered:


2.  Now, we’re about to contradict ourselves, but having endless cups of tea doesn’t mean you can  skip your standard water intake. Both hot and cold drinks help your body to equalise its temperature. For those working in the heat, making sure that you increase your water intake on hot days is essential, in order to control your hydration levels. Dehydration is a primary contributor to heat exhaustion and can affect your ability to perform well at work. One of the key barriers? Not having it easily accessible. Studies have shown that if you keep bottles of water to hand on site, consumption dramatically increases (and so does productivity). WIth our bodies requiring an absolute minimum of 1600ml a day, we need to make sure we’re staying hydrated. The best way to do so? Always have some bottled water to hand:

3.  We all know about the damage the sun can do to our skin. Well, we do when we are on holiday. However, the British sun isn’t any different and it is important to treat it the same, especially when your job requires you to be outside all day. It’s vital we aren’t exposing ourselves and our teams to health risks, so we’re laying it on thick and selling sun cream by the litre, making it easy for everybody on the team to stay topped up. Simply choose your sun cream of choice, (such as our Deb Protect 30): and send your orders to


There you have it, 3 site essentials for the week ahead. Don’t forget, at Universal Site Supplies we stock over 3,000 site supplies and with next day delivery you can rely on us to get you the products you need, when you need them.

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