500g Polythene

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500 Gauge (125 micron) Polythene Sheeting roll is a medium weight translucent polythene sheeting roll.

Elevate your protection game with our 500 Gauge (125 micron) Polythene Sheeting Roll - the ultimate solution for keeping your spaces clean and secure. Whether you're a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this translucent polythene roll is a must-have addition to your toolkit.

Crafted from top-quality polythene material, it serves as a robust barrier against dust, moisture, and potential damage. The medium-weight design ensures ease of use, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

What truly sets this Polythene Sheeting Roll apart is its impressive 500-gauge thickness, providing unmatched durability and resilience. Whether you're covering surfaces during construction, painting, or any other task, you can trust in its protective capabilities.

The translucent nature of this roll allows natural light to shine through, creating a well-lit workspace even when covered. Say goodbye to dark and gloomy environments during your projects.

Upgrade your protection standards today. Choose our Polythene Sheeting Roll and order now to experience superior coverage and peace of mind.

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