Cone Barrier Topper

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  • Warn pedestrians of potential hazards with our highly visible, easy to deploy cone barrier tape
  • The perfect solution for cordoning off areas to both traffic and pedestrians
  • Retractable tape extends to 8.5 metres across and has a depth of 70mm
  • Highly visible tape incorporates a two-tone chevron pattern of red and white stripes
  • Tape cartridge unit will fit on to all standard traffic cones
  • Simply fit the retractable barrier tape on top of traffic cones and arrange as needed
  • Brightly coloured tape is perfect to prevent mistaken entrance to an area that could be hazardous
  • 100% waterproof tape is perfect for cordoning both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Unit has a 140mm diameter at the top and 88mm at the bottom
  • Measures 285mm from top to bottom and weighs 0.95kg
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