Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign

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Fire extinguisher photoluminescent indentification signs. These durable signs for fire extinguishers measure 80 x 150.

Universal Site Supplies Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign is the perfect solution for enhancing fire safety in your premises. This durable sign measures 80 x 150, making it suitable for all age ranges. We guarantee next day delivery for your convenience, ensuring you can address safety concerns promptly.

Our fire extinguisher identification sign features photoluminescence technology, providing increased visibility in low light conditions. This makes it ideal for fire safety and emergency situations, giving you peace of mind. 

Crafted with high-quality materials, this sign offers long-lasting performance and is suitable for various conditions, making it perfect for both commercial and residential use. 

Easy to install and maintain, our fire extinguisher identification sign is designed to solve your fire safety needs and ensure compliance with safety regulations. 

Enhance workplace safety and be prepared for emergencies with this essential fire safety equipment. It provides peace of mind with its reliability and durability, offering increased safety and protection.

Universal Site Supplies Fire Extinguisher Identification Sign is suitable for businesses, schools, and homes, ensuring your property is well-prepared for fire emergencies.

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