Hand Rail Protector Foam

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Totally reusable the Universal Handrail Protector is available in various sizes, self gripping, thus not requiring any additional fixing tape.The Length of this product is: 2000mm.The maximum width our product can be used on is: 80mm.

Universal Site Supplies Hand Rail Protector Foam is the perfect solution for construction and safety projects. It is durable, versatile, and features an innovative self-gripping design. Made in the UK, this product ensures the highest quality and durability. Its unique self-gripping technology provides superior protection, making it ideal for construction and safety applications.

The high-quality material used in this foam offers long-lasting protection, suitable for various conditions and perfect for construction projects. Our Hand Rail Protector Foam is easy to use and maintain, designed to solve safety concerns. It measures 2000mm and is suitable for all age ranges, with various color and size options available.

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