Pull Out Barrier

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  The Pull Out Barrier features sleek stainless steel design, coated in vibrant yellow for maximum visibility and robustness in high-traffic areas.

 Weighing just 5.7kg, this barrier combines ease of movement with strong construction, ensuring quick, hassle-free setup and relocation.

Equipped with a retractable yellow/black chevron webbed belt, extending up to 3000mm, it's perfectly adaptable for varying crowd sizes and spaces.

 The barrier's concrete-filled base guarantees unwavering stability, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety.

Offering 4-way connectivity, this barrier allows for tailored configurations, fitting effortlessly into diverse space requirements and layouts.

: Engineered for both indoor and outdoor use, the Pull Out Barrier excels in multiple settings, from shopping malls to open-air events.

 Designed for rapid and easy setup, this barrier minimises downtime, ensuring swift crowd control without sacrificing effectiveness.

: Standing at 900mm high with a 63mm diameter, the base measures 320mm in diameter and 45mm in height, perfectly proportioned for stability and visibility.

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