Retractable Barrier

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Seamlessly manage visitor flow with ease, thanks to its ability to adapt to a variety of settings and crowd sizes.

 Features a long, retractable yellow/black belt, 48mm high, extending up to 2.3m, ideal for covering wide areas effectively.

 The barrier increases safety by marking restricted zones clearly, making it indispensable for secure environment management.

Its vivid yellow/black chevron belt offers unmatched clarity and visibility, significantly reducing confusion and potential hazards.

 Crafted from robust materials with a sleek black powder coating, this barrier combines strength with lightweight design for optimal use.

 Designed for convenience, it can be quickly installed with a screw-on casing and wall plate, simplifying setup processes.

 Equipped with a belt safety brake, this barrier is engineered to prevent accidental releases, ensuring maximum safety.

Measuring 2350mm in length, the barrier is perfectly sized for effective crowd management and space delineation, providing ample coverage.

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