Retractable Barrier Tape

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 perfect for various settings, ensuring smooth operations.

 Our tape extends up to 2.3 metres with a 48mm high black webbed belt, offering expansive coverage for effective space division.

The tape clearly marks restricted areas, enhancing safety and preventing unauthorised access in busy environments.

 The black belt stands out for visibility while complementing your space's aesthetics, striking the perfect balance between function and form.

 Crafted from robust materials with a sleek black powder coating, this barrier tape combines strength with ease of handling.

 Equipped with a user-friendly screw-on casing and wall plate, setting up this barrier is quick and straightforward.

 Our tape features a belt safety brake, preventing accidental releases and ensuring a secure environment for all.

 With a length of 2350mm, this retractable barrier is compact yet powerful in managing space and crowds efficiently.

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