Retractable Caution Belt

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 The Retractable Caution Belt simplifies crowd management, perfect for shops, factories, and event spaces, ensuring order and safety.

 This feature allows for seamless control of visitor traffic across multiple settings, making it ideal for versatile, efficient space management.

 With a 48mm wide, 3.5m long retractable red belt, this barrier extends sufficient reach to manage areas large and small effectively.

 The belt’s clear demarcation of restricted zones significantly enhances safety, effectively preventing unauthorised access in sensitive areas.

 The belt’s vivid red colour ensures it stands out, offering high visibility and clarity, greatly reducing confusion and potential hazards.

 Combining robust, lightweight materials with an elegant black powder coating finish, this belt barrier offers both resilience and aesthetic appeal.

 The barrier features a straightforward, screw-on casing and wall plate, ensuring quick and hassle-free installation in any setting.

Equipped with a belt safety brake, it provides an extra layer of security, preventing accidental releases and ensuring a safer environment.

 Measuring 3500 mm in length when extended, this belt barrier provides an ideal solution for managing space efficiently while being unobtrusive.

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