Tensile Belt Barrier

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The Tensile Belt Barrier, ideal for diverse environments, guarantees safety and efficiency in crowd control, both indoors and outdoors.

Features robust steel construction with a vibrant yellow powder-coat finish, ensuring maximum visibility and durability in any setting.

 Weighing just 5.7kg, this lightweight design makes the Tensile Belt Barrier easy to move and quick to set up anywhere, anytime.

 Boasts twin retractable yellow/black chevron webbed belts, extending up to 3000mm, perfect for managing varying crowd sizes effectively.

 A concrete-filled base anchors the barrier firmly, ensuring stability and significantly reducing the risk of accidents in crowded areas.

 Offers 4-way connectivity, allowing for flexible customisation of barrier layouts to suit different spaces and event requirements.

 Designed for versatility, it’s equally effective in indoor settings like malls and outdoor events, adapting to different environmental conditions.

Engineered for easy deployment, this barrier ensures swift setup with minimal downtime, enhancing event efficiency.

With a post size of 63mm diameter, 900mm height, and a base of 320mm diameter, 45mm height, it’s designed for optimal space utilisation.

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