Wall Mounted Retractable Barrier

Incl. VAT: £102.00
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 Boasting a yellow/black chevron webbed belt, our barrier extends up to 4.8m, ensuring wide area coverage and flexible space delineation.

Uniquely designed for diverse environments such as warehouses, retail spaces, and airports, this barrier provides seamless integration and utility.

 Our magnetic belt casing offers a swift, screw-free attachment to any metal surface, revolutionising ease of use and installation efficiency.

 Equipped with magnetic connectors, this barrier promises quick deployment, ideal for fast-paced and dynamic settings needing immediate space management.

 Enhanced with a belt safety brake, our barrier prevents accidental releases, prioritising user safety and maintaining controlled environments.

 Made from durable, stainless steel with a sleek black powder finish, this barrier combines enduring strength with an elegant aesthetic.

Its sleek, unobtrusive design ensures the barrier complements any environment, providing functionality without compromising on style.

 With a lightweight yet sturdy design, this barrier is easy to handle and store, making it an ideal choice for managing spaces efficiently.

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